Take control of your spending

In a world full of automation, there is one crucial area of your life where you must be in control.

Your money.

With Money Flow, recording an expense is effortless. You'll never feel burdened by the task and you can readily integrate it into your daily routine.

Keep yourself accountable

Leaving your finances on autopilot makes it easy to lose sight of where your money is going.

Saving money is crucial, whether it be for a large purchase or a rainy day. Money Flow will help you stay on track all while making it fun to manually record your expenses.

Own your data

Money Flow will never ask you to link your banking accounts and financial institution information and pass it off to a 3rd party for processing.

All the expense data you enter is yours. It can only ever be accessed on your physical device.

Visualize your spending habits

Money Flow's clean, modern design was conceived with ease-of-use in mind.

Get a holistic view of your spending habits every month. With simple and intuitive visuals, you'll always understand where you are and how you're doing.

Travel through time

View your previous monthly budgets directly from the Dashboard and obtain various key insights about past spending behaviors.

You'll instantly get answers to questions like:

"What was my savings goal last month?"
"Was I over or under my budget?"
"Where am I overspending?"

... and many more.